• Maliha


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  • Damon Beres

    Damon Beres

    Co-Founder and Former Editor in Chief, OneZero at Medium

  • Victoria Vassileva

    Victoria Vassileva

    In the works.

  • Jeffrey A. Chan

    Jeffrey A. Chan

  • Travis Greene

    Travis Greene

    Thinking about data & philosophy. PhD Student at the Institute of Service Science, National Tsing Hua University https://greenet09.github.io/datasophy/

  • Paul Nemitz

    Paul Nemitz

    Principal Adviser @EU_Commission #AI #Democracy #GDPR #Privacy #Datenschutz #Fundamentalrights #noplace4hate #Legaltech #Dataethics #Datenethik @paulnemitz

  • José Israel Rico Peña

    José Israel Rico Peña

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